Our Activities 

Financial Help For Marriage

In our society unmarried girls are often get neglected. Keeping this in mind our organization Kanya Vivah and Vikash Society come forward and takes up all the responsibilities. We mainly works for those girls whose families can’t afford the cost of their marriage. We bear all the expenditures that are required for a wedding by helping brides and her families.

Prevention of Child Marriage

Kanya Vivah and Vikash Society supports women. We fight against women’s’ violence. We have many social challenges which are coming as a threat to our society. One of them is child marriage. We try hard to prevent this and if we heard that someone is getting involved in it, we take all the necessary steps against him or her. We want to abolish this social practice from our society.

Anti Dowry System Campaign

In countries like India poverty is one of the main causes that a woman have to strive for her marriage. One more thing is the dowry system which is ruining our society from grassroot level. Sometimes these pressures leads girls to commit suicide. Keeping all these in mind we come forward and takes up all the responsibilities.

Women Empowerment

We all know that women are the backbone of the family. If someone thinks about the welfare of the family then he or she has to think about the welfare of the women of that family. From our society we try to empower the women through various workshops and courses. We organise vocational training for the women and adolescent girls.

Awareness Program 

In the rural and remote areas of Bihar people are very poor and due to this they are unaware about their health. From our society we try to make people aware and for this we organise awareness camp. Here common people can get health check-up, doctor’s consultation, free medicines etc. People are getting benefits from this and we are happy for that. We try to make people aware about diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, hepatitis etc.

Education Development

Education is one of the basic rights for humans. Being an educated person means he or she never get cheated. For this knowing how to learn and write is important. We always focus on education sector and wants to sum up everyone under one roof. People from backward and deprived class and who are also indigent come to us.

Distribution Program

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