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About Kanya Vivah & Vikash Society

Kanya Vivah and Vikash Society is a non-profitable organisation working for many years in the district of Gaya in Bihar. Our organisation is doing a remarkable job and mark its footsteps in the mind of common people. We do kanyadan which means giving marriage to kanyas/girls. In countries like India poverty is one of the main cause that a woman have to strive for her marriage. Not only that person her whole family suffers to get her married. One more thing is the dowry system which is ruining our society from grassroot level. Sometimes these pressures leads girls to commit suicide.

Keeping all these in mind our organization Kanya Vivah and Vikash Society come forward and takes up all the responsibilities. We mainly works for those girls whose family can’t afford the cost of their marriage. We bear all the expenditures that required for a wedding by helping the brides and her families.

 Was opened to the good of society and human minister Dr. Prem Kumar and the society for society to run smoothly and on time a undertake to support innovation in the society that tells him that the minister concerned the organization strives to be in the interest of the Virgin girls is worth while.

It should be appreciated as low so be assured of all possible help Anhome Institution , Dr. Prem Kumar expressed the hope that the parents of the child regard less of their education seems be matter weight or other problems related to her daughter anki marriage or with pure honesty Kanya Vivah and Vikash Sociery of development.

The volunteer organization open to the female empowerment progress will be instrumental in Bihar. They make an independent institution to educate society through females them equal opportunity to all of live life to prijayan to girls virgin at marriage and female. marriage chief secretary under the scheme shall be financed development kumar to join the organization per six month subscription will be charged to the thirty Rs/ poor virgin girls to support marriage and the opening and provided nearly hundred Virgin girls woolen wear.


Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds to support the families to get their daughters married in order to save them from ailments like dowry and suicide due to lack of funds.


Our Vision

We aim to get as many daughters as possible every year, married happily without any sacrifice from their or their family member’s side.




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Bisar Talab, Nutan Nagar,opposite Green Field School,gaya, PIN : 823001





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